Invest Northern Ireland

CV6 Therapeutics (NI) Limited has received an Invest NI Grant for Research and Development, supporting company innovation in services, products and processes. Part financed by the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

This project, developing novel combination therapies to overcome critical drug resistance pathways in cancer, aims to undertake highly innovative Research and Development to develop drug candidates with a potential to make chemotherapy more effective. The project also aims to develop new therapies which will be used in conjunction with existing chemo-therapy drugs to increase their effectiveness.

Queen’s University Belfast

CV6 Therapeutics (NI) Ltd has chosen to partner with the Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research at Queen’s University Belfast as part of a multidisciplinary collaboration with Invest NI, adding to the growing momentum of successful academic-industrial partnerships designed to accelerate advances in human health. CV6 Therapeutics (NI) Ltd is developing novel therapeutic agents designed to make chemotherapy more effective. The collaboration with QUB will complement the drug development effort by using the resources and expertise at the Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research to conduct cutting edge research that seeks to further unravel the molecular mechanisms that underpin the concept of chemotherapy enhancement. In the emerging era of precision medicine, the successful identification and validation of biomarkers will help maximise the clinical impact of these new therapeutic agents in early phase clinical trials by directing them towards patients who are likely to benefit.